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High Pressure Injection Chamber

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Team:  Toni Dageförde, M. Sc.; Dipl.-Ing. Lennart Thimm
Year:  2017

The injection chamber consists of a closed pressure chamber in which the spray behavior of injectors can be optically examined. By suitable optical accesses, the spread of the spray is observed and recorded. High-speed, state-of-the-art measurement technology is used as image acquisition, which means that pre-injection quantities can also be detected. Thus, it is already possible to make informed statements about the spray behavior with just one injection.

As a result, the characteristic properties of the injector can be determined depending on various operating parameters. By applying pressure to the chamber, there is a realistic ambient condition like in a combustion chamber of an engine at the time of injection.

For data analysis, we use an automated algorithm, which provides all data independently of the operator in the shortest possible time.