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Hochdruck - Hochtemperatur Einspritzkammer

High Pressure - High Temperatur Injection Chamber

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Team:  Toni Dageförde, M. Sc.
Year:  2019

HDHT Injection Chamber

At the institute a stationary injection chamber for the investigation of diesel sprays as well as gas injections is operated. To reach engine like conditions (pressure and temperature) at the time of injection, a hydrogen combustion is used. The injection chamber thereby is designed to last up to 20 MPa.

Therefore, it is possible to visualize the liquid and gaseous phase of the spray. Also the well-defined thermodynamic conditions allow a detailed analysis of the self-ignition of the diesel fuel with subsequent combustion.

Large optical accesses enable the use of different laser diagnostic measurement techniques, which are exemplarily described below.

Optical Measurement Methods

  • High-Speed Schlieren Diagnostics: Analysis of the liquid as well as the gaseous phase of the fuel spray.
  • Optical Connectivity Method: Analysis of the intact core oft he fuel spray.
  • Structural Image Velocimetry: Analysis of the velocity distribution of the fuel spray in the near nozzle area.