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Erkennen von Brennkammerstörungen in Flugtriebwerken (SFB 871)

Detektion of Failures of Aviation Burning Chambers (CRC 871)

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Team:  Panagiotis Ignatidis, M. Sc.
Year:  2010
Duration:  until 2021

Since 2010 the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 871 "Regeneration of Complex Capital Goods" contributes to developing a scientific basis for maintaining complex capital goods. The main goal of the CRC 871 is to develop new and innovative methods for restoring the functional properties of capital. The functional benefit of regenerated components and of the entire capital good are assessed by model-based simulations. Jet engines were chosen as an application example due to their high complexity.  

In subproject A6, which is being worked on by the ITV, faults within engine combustion chambers and their effects on the functionality of the entire engine are investigated. The aim is to detect possible damage in the combustion chamber by analyzing the exhaust gas jet in order to be able to localize and assess initial damage even without disassembly. The working hypothesis is that the "complex diffusion" approach can be used to describe the impact of mixing on the signatures in the hot gas path.

The method is tested on an experimentally accessible model combustion chamber. Here, both in the basic configuration and in various faults configurations, the flow field, the combustion process and the exhaust gas distribution are measured and simulated with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The approach is then transferred to real aircraft engine combustion chambers.

Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 871: Regeneration of Complex Capital Goods