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Technical Facilities

The Institute owns considerable technical equipment. This contains six dynamical engine test rigs, several measurement systems and powerful simulation tools.

Engine Test Rigs

Engine Test Rig
Engine Test Rig

6 Engine test rigs with electrical brake and driving machines (4-Quadrant-Engines) from 400 to 630 Nm torque with 200 kW power each.

  • Conditioning of oil, water, air and EGR. Flexible highest pressure injection.
  • Programmable engine and test rig control
  • Flexible Indication
  • Measurement of fuel consumtion and air flow rate
  • Exhaust analysation system
  • Variable palette system

Test Facilities for Component Research

  • Rig for injection pump tests
  • Injection analyser test rig (Injection Analyzer, IAV)
  • High pressure injection chamber with optical access for spray investigation (up to 50 bar, 43 l volume)
  • Ignited high pressure injection chamber for spray and ignition tests (up to 150 bar, up to 1500°C, 2,3 l volume, optical access, gas mixing facility)

Space for further component tests is available.

Combustion Test Rigs

Combustion Test Rig with Optical Entry
Combustion Test Rig with Optical Entry
  • ABH 60: Flexible flame test rig up to 60 kWtherm
  • ABH 200: Large combustion test rig for turbulent flames up to 200 kWtherm 
  • ABH 450: Atmospheric gas turbine combustion test rig up to 450 kWtherm (together with TFD Hannover)
  • High pressure hot gas test rig (300 mm diameter, 6 m length)
  • Small education burners (lam. flame speed, for student lab)
  • Exhaust gas analytics (Testo, FI-Detector)

Optics and Laser Diagnostics

  • Stereo-PIV-System
  • High-Speed-Cameras
  • High-Speed-Stereo-PIV-System
  • Planar Laserdiagnostic-System (Nd:YAG-Dye-Lasersystem, Image intenisified Cameras) for the application of planar LIF- / Tracer-LIF- / Rayleigh- / LII- / and Mie-Scattering to measure mixing, injection and combustion in sprays and flames
  • Two Excimerlaser for Tracer-LIF measurements
  • LDA-PDA measurement system
  • Long Distance Microscope
  • Light Fibre Measurement Techniques

Measurement and Calibration Facilities

  • Considerable sensor measurement techniques
  • Calibration facilities (with DKD certificates), temperature: -20 to 1200°C; pressure: 1 to 4000 bar
  • Mobile Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) for measurement of exhaust gas concentrations

Simulation Programs

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics: ANSYS-FLUENT
  • Combustion and Kinetics Simulation: Cosilab, Cantera
  • Engine Process Simulation: GT-Power, GT-Suite, Matlab-Simulink
  • Construction: Solid Edge
  • Construction and FEM Simulation: Creo