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Research Approach

The Institut für Technische Verbrennung (ITV) is doing research and teaching in the fields of turbulent combustion, engine combustion, spray atomization, sustainable fuel combustion research and gas engine combustion.

The research work spans from the physico-chemical modelling of the basic processes to the technical application in sprays, internal combustion engines, jet engines and burner. The modern approach in the basic research field combines modern high speed optical diagnostics, laser diagnostics and numerical simulation and modelling. For the development and optimized application several test rigs are available with adapted modern measurement equipment. In parallel we offer the application in the fields of simulation.

The research is connected to joint research projects for instance within the Sonderforschungsbereich 871, the lower saxonien research initiative "Mobilise", the "Fuel Joint Research Group" (FJRG) and the Initiative for a Cluster of Excellence "Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Aviation". In automn 2019 the institute will move into the new Research Campus Garbsen into the research center "Dynamics of the Energy Conversion" (DEW). Special focus will be the build up of the "Center for Sustainable Fuel Combustion Research" where the utilisation of future sustainable fuels will be investigated like natural gas, bio fuels and electrofuels.