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Physikalischen Grenzen eines Gasmotors mit effektiven Mitteldrücken oberhalb 30 bar

Physical limits of a gas engine with break mean effective pressure (BMEP) above 30 bar

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Team:  Hoang Dung Nguyen, M.Sc.
Year:  2016

An increased power output of gas engines at constant displacement, promises a higher engine efficiency and a lower initial investment to power ratio. In this research project, combustion processes for a large Otto gas engine will be developed in cooperation with the LVK Munich for this reason, which can achieve brake mean effective pressure above 30 bar, while complying with the current emissions regulations. The central points are the expansion of the misfiring limits and the shift of the knocking limit.

At the ITV of the University of Hannover, spatially and temporally resolved numerical calculations were conducted for the processes inside the combustion engine. One focus was the development of a combustion model to predict the ignition processes of the scavenged prechamber. The model is based on the simultaneous modelling of premixed and partially premixed combustion. For validation, experiments regarding ignition and flow conditions in the prechamber were performed at a well instrumented optical engine setup at the ITV.