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Publikationen von Dipl.-Ing. Henning Pasligh



Pohlmann-Tasche, F.; Köser, P.; Pasligh, H.; Haase, H.:  (2019): Influence of Topring Coating and Oil Specification on Crank Angle Resolved Piston Group Friction in Medium Duty Diesel Engines, 29th CIMAC World Congress, Vancouver, 2019.


Pasligh, H. ; Tasche, F.; Dinkelacker, F. (2018): Investigation of Temperature Influence on Diesel Engine Friction Forces with a Floating-Liner Testing Bench, Proceedings of the 6th Asia International Conference on Tribology, September 2018, accepted.


Pasligh H., Oehlert K., Dinkelacker F., Ulmer H. (2016): Crank angle resolved floating-liner friction measurements on microstructured cylinder liner surfaces, In: Bargende M., Reuss HC., Wiedemann J. (Hrsg.) 16. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium. Proceedings. Springer, Wiesbaden, pp. 133-145, 2016.
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-13255-2_72


Ulmer, H.; Pasligh, H.; Dinkelacker, F.:  (2015): Measurement of the Tribological Performance of Diesel Heavy-Duty Engines Depending on the Cylinder Liner Surface, International Tribology Conference Tokyo, 16th – 20th September 2015, in print